Throw Away All Of Your Souvenir Fridge Magnets That’s On Your Fridge And Get This Instead


I’m not saying that the red telephone box fridge magnet that’s on your fridge which you got it as a souvenir while on a vacation in London is not nice, I’m saying that it’s getting old. On top of that, it sort of makes your fridge looks weird – fridge nowadays is designed to look sharp and a fridge magnet that is also looking sharp should be used to blend in with the way the fridge looks like.

An example of a sharp-looking fridge magnet is this one. It’s made out of brushed nickel and the shape of it makes it quite easy to be used to hold down a note or whatever. On top of that, the magnet is also quite strong, in fact, it’s stronger than most magnet that has been fitted on a souvenir fridge magnet.

Sold in a set of 12.

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