Tiny Power Bank


Most power banks nowadays are at least the size of your smartphone itself. They are still considered compact as you can slide them in anywhere as they won’t take up much space.

However, if you are looking for something much smaller than the average size, check out this lipstick size power bank (3350mAh).

Although it’s small, don’t think that it doesn’t perform. This power bank developed by Anker is capable of charging up a death Samsung Galaxy S9 until it has 80% battery within 3 – 4 hours time. So you can bet that it works well on other smartphones too.

Unfortunately, this power bank does not come with a lightning cable. iOS device owners will have to purchase it separately or simply use the charging cable that comes prepackaged with the device. Fortunately for Android device owners, it comes with the micro USB cable.

Other than that, there’s an 18-month warranty and a travel pouch included.

Four colors available; Black, blue, pink and silver.