Tip On How To Easily Identify Your Luggage At Baggage Reclaim


Some of you tie a piece of shiny ribbon onto the luggage so that you can easily spot it at baggage reclaim. There are some of you who own a unique looking luggage which is very unlikely for other people to own and this also makes it easy for the luggage to be spotted at baggage reclaim.

But among both the ways above, there is a much much better way. That is, having your face printed on this luggage case and fit it onto your luggage. Not only your luggage will stand out from all of the luggage at the baggage reclaim but it also protects your luggage from scrapes and it prevents it from bursting open in case the zipper happens to fail.

This luggage case comes in various sizes that fit luggage that is between 45cm and 81cm tall. And it’s stretchable so that it can easily stretch into wide luggage (it’s made out of durable polyester spandex fabric).

All you need to do to have your face printed on it is to upload a high-quality photo of your face during your purchase (all facial expressions allowed).