Ultimate Kitchen Colander


What if there is a kitchen colander that works better, more compact in size, and looks better than any other kitchen colanders? Would you get it?

If the answer is Yes, then say hello to Snap’n Strain.

Snap’n Strain is a compact, flexible and user-friendly colander that can be clipped onto a bowl, pan, and pot for easy and quick straining.

Have you seen the recent fried instant noodle bowls where they put on instructions on the lid asking you to puncture holes on the lid so that you could strain the noodles within the bowl itself? Well, if you have seen that, this colander sort of work the same way – it allows you to neatly strain the food within the bowl or pot itself.

It’s really convenient and in my opinion, it’s much better than using the average kitchen colander.

It’s available in two colors; green and red.