USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Pizza Wheel


Aha! I have now got your attention fellow Trekkie. This here is what you have been dreaming of. And this is what your whole life has led to.

This is a pizza wheel that is custom-designed to look like the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

No, no, this is not some bullshit pizza wheel that has been created just to rip you off. This is the real deal. The body is made out of zinc-alloy and it’s chromium-plated to give that extra shine. And the blade is stainless-steel and extremely sharp for an easy swoosh.

It gives you the pleasure to combine the two best things that happened in your life – pizza and Star Trek.

Permission has also been given by Spock for it to be sold. That’s right — it’s an officially licensed Star Trek pizza wheel.

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