Vintage Pepsi-Cola Clock


If you have been a fan of Pepsi more than Coke, and you want to take the fandom to a whole new level, I suggest getting this vintage Pepsi clock. This clock is no flimsy clock, this is the real deal manufactured by Pepsi themselves.

The clock measures 15 inches in diameter and it has a real neon bulb on the inside that follows the outer shape of the clock. The best part about this circular neon bulb is that it is blue in color when it’s lighted up. And just when you think a clock can never get any cooler than this, you are wrong. The second hand on this clock moves in a smooth continuous motion, just like a Rolex.

This is one cool clock to have in a man-cave, a woman-cave, a bar, a garage, a diner, a cafe, a game room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom.