Where To Place Your Nail Polish Bottle When You Are Polishing Your Nails


Whenever my girlfriend polishes her nails on the bed, she never allows me to get on the bed because she places the nail polish bottle on the bed. She’s scared that the nail polish bottle might fall. And I also feel sort of pity for her at the same time because of how careful she is when dipping the brush into the bottle and making sure that it does not drip on the sheets.

As a result, I got her this nail polish bottle holder as a gift. It solves both the problems mentioned above. This nail polish bottle holder holds the bottle firmly and she can wear it on her fingers like a ring which makes it very convenient for her to dip the brush into the bottle and followed by polishing her nails – it makes the bottle be literally inches away from her fingernails.

Now, she makes the world her nail polishing place because of the confidence she acquired from one of this.