Why You Should Throw Away The Earplugs After It Has Been Used At Least Once


So I’ve just read this article by Hannah Ferrett where she explains why earplugs should be thrown away right after it has been used at least once. According to her, when the earplugs are in the ears for the whole night it could leave bacterias and dirt on it which can cause ear infection if it’s used again on another day. Even if the earplugs are cleaned with water, the bacteria will still remain on it. And at the same time, water will cause the earplugs to expand a little since it’s made out of foam and this will only cause it to not fit in the ears as securely as it did before.

Which is why I think it’s a good idea to get this whole bunch of earplugs one shot. There are 60 pairs of them inside and it comes with a nice aluminum carrying case that holds one pair of earplugs at a time.