Wooden Recipe Book/Tablet Holder for the Kitchen


The modern chefs of our generation love to experiment with the recipes found in a recipe book or YouTube food blogs to make something new and inspiring. Such exciting experiments can easily turn upside down if your recipe book or tablet does not have a proper holder to hold it in place. Or worse, without a holder, your tablet could drop to the floor and crack in 2 while you are busy chopping the food items.

What you need is this fancy wooden holder, which is carved from bamboo and wood, giving it a suave antique look. It can be used as both a recipe book or a tablet holder to assist in your cooking adventure. It even makes a perfect housewarming present or a lovely gift for the newlyweds.

There are 9 available engraving designs to make the holder more personal and special for you. The designs are; medieval, fancy, classic, crossed, knight, royal, pretzel, wheat, and bread. Select any one of these designs and write a special message to be engraved on the board (up to 1000 characters). The designs can be fitted in either a vertical or horizontal style holder.